Fossil Fighters for DS

The 4 idols

I put this in green because its important and because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THOSE IDOLS DO! BUT I know Duna and that guy wasn't  his name Raptan? They said they are going to use the idols to wipe humans of the face of the earth. There are four idols the normal one, the chubby one, the skinny one and the tiny one. And one more thing Duna tries to steal the idols and you have to beat her. A few days later I got on the mother ship and got to the idol room and you have to beat three Dinomatons. Dinomaton's attacks are death ray, scissor swipe and heartless fury and steel slash. And Dr. Diggins risks his life to save everybody by teleporting into the past. Then you have to find all five idol fragments and the control thingy. Once you find the control thingy Raptan tries to take it from you (that's the part I'm now stuck on.) One more thing the idol fragments are in the right hand corner of Greenhorn Plains the next one is in Knotwood Forest once you go up by the digadiga tribe turn left go up and you'll find it. Next in Rivet Ravine just go straight stop by the bridge and you can't miss it next in Bottomsup Bay go up up up up and once you get to the point where you cant go any further go right and down then you'll find it finally in Mt.Lavaflow go left stay to the left and once you see the end go right and you'll find it.
This is T-Rex